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Land clearance

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  • Ground preparation

    Minefields are often inaccessible and overgrown with heavy vegetation. Ground preparation improves the efficiency of demining operations through softening of the soil, removing tripwires and removing small trees, bush, shrub and grass.

  • Clearing safe lanes

    Safe lanes are lanes that are cleared inside potentially mined areas to provide safe access. They are between one and two metres wide and can be prepared by manual deminers, animals or machines.

  • Search by rats

    Rats systematically search the suspected areas in half meter lanes. According to international mine action standards, two accredited mine detection rats will search the area consecutively for full clearance.

  • Mine excavation

    When a rat has indicated a mine, a metal detector is used to clear a safe lane to the indicated spot. The mine is uncovered by gentle excavation.

  • Mine removal

    Disarming of a mine can be very dangerous, and if necessary, the mine is blown up on the spot.

  • Return of land

    Land that is returned to the beneficiaries after survey and clearance is considered free from suspicion of mines or explosive remnants of war.