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We're continuously working on improving myapopo.org. Sometimes, things don't work as we intended, and thanks to your emails to herorats@apopo.org alerting us to these issues, we have a chance to fix them. When we are aware of an issue that might affect many users, or if we have provided a fix, we'll let you know here.

13/08/2014 Not receiving your update emails ?

We regularly get notices of update emails not arriving in your inbox, especially from yahoo.de users. We are working on fixing that at the moment, so please bear with us. If you have another email address we can use, please let us know and we will set that up for you.

21/05/2014 Confused by the login/logout message ?

We have received feedback about our well-intended logout message, which turned out to be confusing. You'll find a new message now, and we promise to be clearer in the future. Find anything else which is confusing ? Let us know at herorats@apopo.org !

14/04/2014 Changing your password

A new 'Password' menu item in myapopo allows you to change your password when you are logged in. Kudos to Courtney for bringing this to our attention !

14/04/2014 FIX: not receiving your login information ?

We had many reports from adopters who informed us that they did not receive their myapopo login information after adopting a HeroRAT. It took us some time to figure this one out, but we think we have found the problem : the welcome email should have contained these details, but they were clipped and made visible only when you clicked on READ MORE ... for which you needed to login. Apologies, and if you still have issues with this, do not hesitate to ask for help at herorats@apopo.org !